My Own Blog


Strictly and exclusively for fangirling (either kpop or any genre).. or a personal post

I am known for CHELLE, 21 year-old fangirl who knows nothing but to update and update 😀

I love music, I love dramas (that’s why i am so emotional all the time ㅋㅋㅋ), and I love those who are true to me (agree?)

I always dreamed so hard, i mean every day and night (I’m so good at sleeping hahaha)

I made a personal blog because of boredom (yes, i want to live a colorful and challenging life..not that extra challenge)

I love to read fanfics (I might share some..)

I love my FAMILY ( I hope they still love me too ), I love my friends and BOYFRIEND


“God is the ONLY one that change someone. Leave it in his hands.”


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